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About Us

Find more information about the purpose of The Lauryn Brown Foundation, Inc. here. Considering partnering with us? Contact us today!


To increase the number of minority communities who have access quality mental health wellness, education and financial literacy disparities seen among at-risk populations and under-served communities. Mental health wellness programs aid in decreasing stigma associated with mental health. We endeavor to offer a Total Health to include mental health wellness, case management and financial literacy approach to partner with local schools, communities and organizations across the region to achieve transformational results.


We envision a world in which individuals, families and communities have the hope and capacity to build conditions that promote Total Health. Total health is the capacity of individuals, families and communities to work together to transform the conditions that promote, in a sustainable way, their physical, emotional, economic, social, environmental and mental health well-being. We maintain an affirmed commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in the fulfillment of our mission and offer services to all people regardless of their religion, gender, race, nationality or ethnic background. 

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