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Lauryn Brown


Meet Lauryn

Lauryn Brown is an academic scholar, philanthropist, and educational pioneer who completed her matriculation through Godby High School in only 2 years. She graduated from college at the age of 19 and is pursuing a career in medicine. Her passion for education and altruistic heart pair well with her desire to inspire and assist others as they pursue their dreams. Her hope is to inspire others to become impactful in their own communities by focusing on a holistic approach for mental health well being, academics and physical health.

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Lauryn's journey to medicine began while in high school when she was disturbed to see her great-great maternal grandmother sent to a nursing home in Gainesville. She was disappointed and saddened that the environment wasn’t supportive and it forced her to question what can be done to extend the lives of seniors so the aging process isn’t always coupled with health-care challenges.

At 14, she began her matriculation through Godby High School, with enough credits to be classified as a sophomore in the spring of her freshman year. She continued her educational pursuit and started taking courses at TCC. She was accepted into Florida Atlantic University, the University of West Florida, Florida A&M University and Florida State. She chose FSU, where she was covered under the Bright Futures Scholarship, while continuing to live at home.

In addition to school, she took opportunities to give back to her community by tutoring at The Academic Doctor, volunteering at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Seven Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center and served as a committee member for FreeCon, billed as Tallahassee's premier anime and gaming convention. Last year, she volunteered in the CREATE Lab, where she assisted in conducting field trial studies to examine the impact of a tablet system to assist seniors in finding resources and to reduce social isolation. The lab is part of the Center for Research and Education on Aging and Technology EnhancementShe also pursued certification in medical assisting from Health Science Consulting, a private firm off campus, and served a medical assistant internship at the Health and Wellness Center of Tallahassee.

Lauryn's skills and talents aren't limited to the academic arena as she is also a talented musician. She’s been playing piano since an early age, and has since learned to play cello, guitar, bass guitar and ukulele. 

Lauryn is currently enrolled at Georgia State University on a graduate student scholarship with a major of Biomedical Enterprises and will be graduating in Winter 2021. She continues to share her passion for academics by tutoring students in the Atlanta, Ga and Tallahassee, FL. Additionally, she is a volunteer at SG Mental Health Counseling as a Mental Health Wellness Advocate providing clients with mental health wellness support.

While Lauryn plans to continue her educational journey in the future, her current plans are to rest and relax until then, so stay tuned!

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